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Creative Development Solution (CDS) is construction technology company which mission focuses on improving the technique and concept of re-developing building stock
About us
Application of the autonomous (load)-bearing framework technology (the ABF technology) that we market converts an old building into a modern one with the addition of new floors (multiplier 2.0 and more) and adjacent floor space in comparatively short project time. With that, no relocation of residents/ interruption of business is required.

Reconstruction of an "old" building using the ABF technology (Autonomous Bearing Framework) advantages:
High Quality
Full renovation of an existing building that extends a building's lifespan at least to one hundred (100) years
Renovation project can run without relocation of inhabitants and demolition of an "old"building significantly decreasing construction costs (up to 30%)
Investment Attractiveness
High investment attractiveness of renovation project: creation of additional housing units (2.0-3.0 multiplier to existing units' number, depending on zoning requirements)
ABF Technology
Stage 0
Existing building constructed in the 50s of the 20th century: no elevators, no central AC and ventilation, no fire protection system, obsolete appearance, low energy efficiency.

Apartments need repairs/ upgrade.
Phase I of Reconstruction:
New foundation added. Footprint consists of piles supporting piers and columns. They form the base for ABF arising around the building to support a rigid platform that bridges over the existing building. The new superstructure construction and vertical enlargement rises from that level.
Phase II (Final)
A new, energy efficient building with a modern appearance. Elevator(s) added, new HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems, smart building management system installed focusing on energy management, fire detection system, CCTV, access control system and lighting controls.
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